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The Exchange - A GlobalHandShake service

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Business Partner Briefings
A schedule of meetings with your priority target audience.

This is our signature service and is unlike the standard 'one-on-one' meeting.

The key to "Business Partner Briefings"

* Meet with executives that fit your marketing and strategic objectives
* Maximise the valuable time you spend in meetings.
* Point of contact for developing business relationships.

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Company Profiling

Comprehensive information on your potential partners, highlighting their strengths and the opportunities available for working with them. This research is customer guided, that is, based on your company's criteria regarding a business partner.


GlobalHandShake matches you with your partners based on your company's specified needs and the partner's ability to meet those needs as supported by our research.

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Competitive Analysis

Reports on potential competitors in your target market highlighting the opportunities or threats associated with entering your new market of choice.

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Coaching on the business environment, culture and etiquette of the market you are entering.

This is important to sensitise you to deal-breaking blunders associated with:

* Communicating across cultures
* Negotiating in a new market
* Giving and receiving of gifts
* Avoiding insensitive signs and saying

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