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Miss Jacqueline Harper, Master International Management (MIM) is the CEO of GlobalHandShake and brings to the business a passion for promoting and developing the diversity of the international business community in Barbados and the wider Caribbean.

Miss Harper’s training in International Management at Portland State University in the USA, China and Japan have made her very much aware of the vast potential for the development of global business links far beyond the shores of her native Barbados. Jacqueline’s desire since returning home has been to help businesses understand the differences and similarities of the various business environments around the world, and the opportunities that exist for quality products and services to be exported from and imported into the region.

Miss Harper has several years’ experience in local and regional consulting for the utility industry and with the development of small businesses. Her experience is in organisation reorganisation, job evaluation, business planning and coaching of new entrepreneurs in operational areas of new business development. In the USA her skills were further developed in competitive, business and market analysis in the telecommunications, information technology and fish processing industries.